Client Services

Laurier Herbal Clinic provides the following services:

  • Private Herbal Consultations including therapeutic lifestyle changes
  •  Biomedical Acupuncture
  • Seminars/workshops related to herbal medicine
  • Apprenticeships to qualified herbal students
  • Teaching botanical medicine to herbal students
  • Mail order service
  • Custom Herbal tea blends
  • Black and green teas from around the world
  • Essential oils
  • Oil infusions 
  • Single bulk herbs sales
  • Medicinal oils and salves

Booking Appointments: to book an appointment please go to the contact section of this website and email us and let us know what kind of booking or what services you are looking for. We will return your email within 2 business days. You may also call us at 705-497-4274 and speak to our Clinic Manager for a scheduled appointment.


Initial consult

1 1/2 hours

$175.00  plus HST

Follow up

1 hour

$100.00 plus HST

Check up

1/2 hour

$60.00    plus HST

LHC does provide OTC(over the counter) botanicals.  Please call to inquire.  Repeats/refills can be called in or emailed in at 

There are no detailed telephone consultations available at this time. Clinic clients who have been thru the initial consult process may engage in telephone follow up consults at pre-scheduled times at the usual rate but the appointments must be prepaid on line first. Please email your request and the payment can be processed accordingly.

Costing of Herbs 

Please check the website for prices as they change from time to time. All prices are posted and discussed thoroughly in the consultation process and at the counter in house as well as posted in the clinic in plain view

Usually first time clients that require a full consult will be taken through a series of 3 consultations as above. The first is 1 1/2 hour in length providing a thorough history taking and physical assessment. About 1 week later a follow up appointment is made lasting about 1 hour in length where the Herbalist and client review the individualized treatment protocol designed specifically to their needs. Here is where the cost of each herb, supplement or treatment recommendation is discussed and decided upon.

Then the actual treatment process begins. The cost of the treatment protocol is extra ie, acupuncture, herbal preparations, neutraceuticals, supplements etc...  The clinic will provide a receipts after each visit.   LHC does not deal directly with any insurance programs. The client pays the clinic and then submits their claim with their own benefit plan process.

About 1 month later a check up appointment is made where the client and Herbalist will review progress of the previous month and discuss any adjustments to treatment plan. The client is free to call the clinic at any time during this process to discuss any concerns with cliinic and dispensary staff regarding their protocol , side effects or concerns.

Although side effects are rare it is morally and legally ethical to state that as we are dealing with plants there is a small chance that allergic reactions can occur and this must be understood by each client. Always inform all of your health care practitioners of your allergies both medical and environmental, food and potential substances so that your treatment is most effective and safe

Preparation to Your First Time Consultations 

You will be given or emailed a set of forms and questionaires to be completed prior to coming for you first appointment, including a 7 day diet and lifestyle diary. Please note that if you come without  these forms ready you will be required to come back at a later date to complete your initial assessment and pay for the extra time in such a case of the extra appointment. We apologize for this possible inconvenience but filling out these forms is essential to creating a individualized treatment plan and to get to understand your body and its challenges inticrately. Also it will save you money to complete these on your own time.

Also please bring a list of all your medications, herbal supplements and other supplements that you are taking. We also need to know what clinical tests and labwork you have had done in the last year. If possible, please bring a copy of these with you. Ask your health care provider for a copy and feel free to tell them why and I would happy to speak to them. Any and all of these pieces of information will greatly help us to serve you more efficiently

Feel Free to Utilize Our Mail Order System 

Laurier Herbal Clinic clients are welcome to utilize our mail order system. We sell and ship bulk herbs, tea blends and salves.   We keep a client card in house to store your previous tincture or tea blend order so that we can service you more efficiently

Terms of Sale 

Minimum Orders: minimum shipping orders are $75.00. There is free shipping to local practitioners for orders. Emergency orders have a $20.00 surcharge for under 24hours delivery.

We use Purolator and occasionally Canada Post. Orders will be processed within 24--48 hours typically and depending on where you are situated you can expect your order within 2 to 5 business days. Cost of materials and shipping will be added to each order. For those who live further away we reccommend that you place larger and less frequent orders to save on shipping costs

We can drop ship.  Please call Clinic Director for details.

Damage: if there are any damaged items you must let us know within 3 business days of receiving your order and we will replace the damaged items. Please keep the items for inspection if necessary. There will be no refund, only replacement of damaged items. There can be no replacement or refund after 3 business days if we are not notified.

Gaurantee: we fully gaurantee our items and are happy to refund errors in shipments or order references or damaged items. Please notify us right away. We do not accept returns on items unless they are damaged or otherwise unusable

Price Changes: as much as we try to maintain lowest prices there are many challenges; competition for the use and sale of ethanol in vehicles has caused rises in alcohol and the rises in oil has caused frequent surcharges in shipping products to consumers. Increasing regulations and concumer demands cause rises in raw herbs. All of these things can bring rises in our cost of supply. Therefore costs may change from time to time often without notice. While efforts are made to keep the website accurate, in clinic prices will prevail where there is a descrepancy with the website.

Credit, Terms, and Accounts 

All items are charged HST of 13% which we collect for the Government of Canada

All of our customers are subject to our credit terms and conditions of sale. All orders are prepaid via Visa/Mastercard  prior to shipping. There is no COD. Orders produced on line and prepaid will receive an emailed invoice with the order requested and balanced total.

Out of stock Items 

Some items may sell out as herbs are seasonal around the world and growing times vary from herb to herb. We make the best effort to adjust formulas in these cases. However, there are times where an item is back ordered in supply thus you may choose to ask for a substitute or wait until the item is back in stock. We will not automatically send a back ordered item unless previously arranged.  We will post it on the website when the item is back in stock. Please call, email or check website for updates on the item you need. We will do our best to get it for you.

Discounts and future products: watch for our monthly specials. Please provide us with your  email and we will be sure to forward these specials to you. We are continually revising and updating details of our services which will continue to develop on the website

Privacy Policy 

We are dedicated to confidentiality and privacy of our clients. We do not wilfully sell or give away mailing lists to any company . We only share info that is related to the sale or service of the client, unless required by federal or provincial laws.


© Laurier Herbal Clinic – Please read our disclaimer

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