Practitioner Services

Laurier Herbal Clinic provides professional practitioners the following services:

  • Single liquid tinctures
  • Compounding tintures 
  • Single or compounded glycetractas  by custom order only as items available
  • Cough syrups and elixers
  • Single oil infusions
  • Compounded oil infusions
  • Single essential oils
  • Essential oil blends
  • Custom medicinal teas
  • Custom designed medicinal oils and salves
  • Professional information service on botanical information and monographs
  • Free shipping and handling in local area

Practitioners please register with us: your status as a health professional such as: Registered Medical Herbalist (RMH), Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Registered Nurse (RN),  Midwife, Herbal student or other health care provider.

Call or email us with your professional status and we will promply provide you with user credentials to log into the website for practitioners only.

Certain intense herbs may require proof of professional status.

*Products can be customized to suit your needs. Please call or email to speak to the Clinic Director.

Qualified Herbalist and Dispensary assistants are on staff everyday to answer your questions and assist you in choosing your products.

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Client Based Services 

Laurier Herbal Clinic provides the following services:

  • Private Herbal Consultations including therapeutic lifestyle changes
  • Biomedical Acupuncture
  • Seminars/workshops related to herbal medicine
  • Apprenticeship hours for students at an applied rate
  • Teaching botanical medicine to herbal and naturopathic students and others
  • Mail order service
  • Custom Herbal tea blends
  • Black and green teas from around the world
  • Essential oils
  • Oil infusions 
  • Single bulk herbs sales
  • medicinal herbal oils and salves

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Forms & Questionnaires

Research Links

Please watch out for our coming link to Metagenics, an international research and neutracutical company.

Here you will have access to up to date reseach and Herbal products you won't find anywhere else!

© Laurier Herbal Clinic – Please read our disclaimer

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