About Our Herbs

We at Laurier Herbal Clinic guarantee that all of the Herbs that we carry are either Wildcrafted or Certified Organic or Kosher certified from ethical and reputable herb suppliers and of the highest quality available.

Laurier Herbal Clinic provides professional practitioners the following services:

  • Single liquid tintures
  • Compounding tintures or glycerites
  • Custom medicinal teas
  • Custom designed medicinal cream, salves and lotions
  • Professional information service on botanical information and monographs
  • Free shipping and handling in local area 

Practitioners please register with us:  your status as a health professional such as: Registered Medical Herbalist (RMH), Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Registered Nurse (RN), Midwife, Herbal Student or other health care provider.

Call or email us with your professional satus and we will promply provide you with user credentials to log into the website for practisioners only.

Organically Grown 

Organically Grown means that the plant was grown in its most natural habitat without added chemicals and fertilizers, the herbs untouched by irradiation or fumigation.

Wild Crafted 

Wildcrafted refers to the completely natural state in which the plant was taken, in the wild without any manipulation whatsoever. Our Medical Herbalist ensures that ethical standards are practiced in wildcrafting to ensure propagation of the species as many are now on the endangered list.

Many herbs that are on the endangered list are now purchased by this clinic from cultivated sources and many more will be in the future as new growers appear on the market.

Certified Organic 

Certified Organic means that the plants have been Organically Grown and are thus certified to be so by a recognized Certification authority.

© Laurier Herbal Clinic – Please read our disclaimer

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