Matricaria recutitia

Latin Name: Matricaria recutitia
Common Name: Chamomile
Plant description N/A
Plant origin N/A
Plant constituents & properites N/A
Traditional uses

has two specific fields of action: the nervous system (as a treatment to calm), and the
gastrointestinal tract (to decrease irritation and as a spasmolytic and
carminative). It is believed to affect not only the sensory nerves but the
motor nerves as well. It was used to treat nervous manifestations of dentition
and conditions with morbid susceptibility to pain. Other applications include: nervous
conditions that affect the gastrointestinal tract and amenorrhoea. Large
chamomile infusion doses could produce free diaphoresis. Such was even said to
prevent clotting and relieve dysmenorhoea also. Anti-catarrhal, used to treat
catarrhal infections of the ears, eyes, and nose. It was commonly applicated
externally for: haemorrhoids, mammary abscess, mastitis, leucorrhoea, and leg
ulcurs. Traditionally used for children which indicates its safety. The
Eclectic physicians prescribed Chamomile for pregnancy for medicinal use. Other
traditional theraputuc uses include: nervous and flatulent dyspepsia, travel
sickness, nasal catarrh; nervous diarrhoea; dysmenorrhoea; amenorhoeas; anxiety
and restlessness; use during dentition.

Present uses



 anti-inflammatory, inhibits spasming in the
digestive tract; inhibits ulceration; stimulates metabolism of skin; promotes
wound healing



Contraindication N/A
Pharmacy N/A

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