Hoxsey Tonic – Combinations

Hoxsey tonic is over 100 years old and created quite a stir in the late 19th century by a simple farmer Mr. Hoxsey who post civil war had a work horse take ill with tumors and lumps and he observed how this horse ate in the pasture migrating toward natural weeds and cured itself.  So Hoxsey documented the herbs and tried this formulation he made from this experience on neighbours and more and birthed a new way to deal with cancer and hormonally charged cancers.  He kept the formula secret and passed it to his son and grandson who took the remedy much further in the 1930's and forward.  He healed thousaqnds with his Hoxsey tonic and lifestyle changes and had documentation of many thousands of cases that were cured.  He was challenged by the medical community in Texas and then the entire USA.  He was charged and jailed numerous times and took his case to the supreme court of the United States and won.....he even healed members of the American Medical Association who then crossed over to the alternative side.   

It was so successful that the drug companies tried very hard to buy his formula but because he refused to allow the drug companies full control over the formulas...ie,  Hoxsey wanted the formulation acssessible to the poor and not just for those with money...the deal fell through and he refused them the recipe....

But in the end the government closed his clinics across America due to erroneous laws via the FDA so he took his clinic to Mexico where it still resides today.  The remedy has been slandered into the rank of controversial therapy...Even so, it still carries a reputation for assisting in the complicated web of cancer treatment.  Since Hoxsey clinics have moved into Mexico about 30 years ago there have been hundreds if not thousands of new chemicals and pollutants added to our environment and food supply adding new complications to attaining, retaining and reclaiming our health.  

The formula is now out and so the general public can benefit if they choose to and can find a source.  LHC is pleased to provide this formula for its practitioners.  Feel free to ask questions about it and its general use.  This tonic is generally for hormonally charged cancers particularly breast cancer.   Mr. Hoxsey died of Prostate cancer while using Hoxsey tonic realizing that it did not encompass the entirety of the broader spectrum of disorders that cancers has engaged.

Hoxsey can be safely used alone if the client desires along with pristine vegan diet with juicing  and superfood therapy and other treatments as desired with health practitioner support.  It can also be used before, during and after chemotherapy as a facilitator of internal support and side effect diversion.  Note that a brief interruption of Hoxsey a few days after certain chemo drugs may be required to allow for full effect of the treatment.   


Other Ingredients

Stillingia sylvatica/Queen's root

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